Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hey, I Won!

Late-breaking results posted on Newsarama (thanks, Newsarama!) tell me I won the 2007 Harvey Award for "Best New Talent."

My wife says Funny, it looks like the same old talent to her....

It's a great thrill. Thanks to my readers, thanks to the Harvey voters, and congratulations to my Abrams-mate Dan Nadel for winning "Best Biographical, Historical or Journalistic Presentation" for his great book Art Out of Time: Unknown Comic Visionaries 1900-1969. My compliments also to the other winners.



Mike said...

A Wizard of Oz moment, my friend, wherein the old charlatan doesn't give the Scarecrow, Lion or Tin Woodsman anything they didn't already possess -- he simply gives them a token of official recognition for what their friends already knew they had.

But that Official Recognition will likely help you get to do creative, fun, interesting things for a wider audience -- besides which it's a blast to see the rest of the world sit up and notice something cool.


patricia said...

Yee-haw!! Break out the bubbly!

Congrats, Brian! You da man!

Brian said...

Rock and roll! Congratulations, Brian! On another note, a friend of mine that does his own webcomic (Joe Brudlos of Alpha-Shade) is visiting this coming weekend. We're going to try and hit the MOCCA exhibit while he and his wife Jackie are here. If we make it, I'll be sure to let you know what it was like.

Congrats again!

patti digh said...

congratulations on a well-deserved recognition!

Sherwood Harrington said...

What Mike said.

Aren't you going to need a display case or something?

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

This is wonderful! Heartiest congrats!


ARMAND said...

Just read the news reports on the 2007 Harvey Award results -- and stopped by to congratulate you on the win! It's well deserved and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

ronnie said...

Harvey voters rock.

That is all.


Mike Lynch said...

Congratulations, Brian! Wow! Fies recognized in the name of the almighty Kurtzman! This is great news and probably means you adding on an extra room for all the awards!

Redazione DOUbLe SHOt said...

the DOUbLe SHOt crew (your italian publishers) is very happy for the prize!

p.s.: many thanks for your kind words about MOM'S CANCER's italian edition!

Brian Fies said...

Thanks, everyone! I've been away from computers for a few days and returned to find these kind comments. Mike, by "Wizard of Oz" moment, I first thought you meant this was the scene when I was revealed to be a fraud. I'm glad you had something else in mind.

Very much appreciated.