Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Avast Ye Bloomin' Cockroaches

For the desk-bound pirate in your life.

Dead men tab no tables... nor apparently backspace, spellcheck, ten-key, or ctl-alt-del, either.


Sherwood Harrington said...

Diane says there should be one other key, one that says "Savvy?"

(For those not up on their Jack Sparrow, "savvy?" is what he says after trying to translate Piratese into English.)

ronnie said...

Looks very hookworthy, ergonomically-speaking.

Mike said...

"Savvy" of course deriving from "sabe," there being a reason they called it "The Spanish Main." And Cap'n Flint's "Pieces of eight!" were broken from Spanish coins.

On the other hand, "buccaneer" comes from native languages through the French, and "avast" from Dutch.

To which Cap'n Flint might add "Polyglot a cracker?"

Sherwood Harrington said...

And here I was thinkin' that "buccaneer" was a really high price for corn.

Jan said...

Brian, I am a cancer survivor myself and since September is cancer awareness month, I have been writing a number of blogs to promote awareness on my site "A Curious State of Affairs" (wordpress)

I wondered if you would mind me doing a post on
"Mom's cancer" pointing people in the direction of your inspiring book and also including two of the cartoon images (the ones I have in mind are "superpowers" as it is inspirational - and "mom smoked for 45 years" as a warning).
I won't use them without your permission.
I'm sorry for the loss of your mom - she must have been a fine lady.

Brian Fies said...

Jan, I'll contact you through your website as well, but of course you're welcome to write about my book and use my artwork. I'm honored, and appreciate your courtesy in asking. I enjoyed your site, particularly your stories about your grandad. Best of luck with your writing; wouldn't we all like to be successful enough to do it full-time?

Jan said...

Thanks Brian - I've done the post on my blog now. It's called: Cancer Awareness Month: Getting Superpowers!
And it's on: A curious State of Affairs (wordpress) :-)