Saturday, March 10, 2007

Strange Old Worlds

When I woke up this morning, I didn't know today was going to be Star Trek Saturday. Then I opened an e-mail from my cartoonist buddy Mike Lynch telling me about this:

Kids, the 1960s were fun but they're over. Just Say No.

Then, following a trail of comments on that video, I found this on my own. From German television:

You know, that last one is obviously a spoof, but if you don't get a little chill when the orchestra plays those first four notes and the French horn fires up, I'll be nice to you but I'm afraid we can never truly be friends.

Slightly more seriously, I love the fact that a contemporary audience in Germany can hear the opening of a 40-year-old American TV theme song and roar in appreciative recognition. That's the definition of "iconic."

March 12 Addition: I remembered seeing the video below a while ago but didn't look for it until this morning. For the past several months, Paramount has been redoing the special effects for the original Star Trek and broadcasting the results, often buried on obscure channels in the late night or early morning hours. Fans seem divided on the results--with a few quibbles I think they've been very respectful and successful. At any rate, as part of the refurbishing, they re-recorded the Star Trek theme song, which is what the 1 minute and 27 seconds below is about:

And that's all I'll have to say about Star Trek for a while.


Addicted to your Blog said...

I wish I could've nominated your Blog to Google, but the images in here take a lot fo time to load. Planet Ham ( was selected recently.

ronnie said...

Outstanding! Especially Knife-Wielding Uhura.

The best part of the German clip is the hosts' genuine delight at the singer's choice.

rosaleah said...

I discovered your blog just blogging around in the blogosphere ... love it, thank you!, and am linking to it.

kladyelf said...

i found your site through a link on the "Sluggy" page (kudos on the whole blooker thing) and as a recovering trekkie (not!) ;) i wondered if you had seen this...

They work well together in surprising ways... :D

Brian Fies said...

Thanks, Rosaleah, I enjoyed your blog as well.

And thanks Kladyelf, I think I did see that video a while ago. That guy's pretty talented, and I would really enjoy having a theremin, that electronic instrument you play by moving your hands around it. Someday....