Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More on Jay Kennedy

By far the best of many remembrances I've read of Jay Kennedy is this column by Tom Spurgeon, in which Tom interviews Jay's brother, people who knew and worked with him, and many cartoonists. It's a great piece.

My favorite quote about Jay in Tom's article is from artist Gary Panter: "He liked Reddy Kilowatt." Although really, what's not to like?

The online reaction to Jay's death has confirmed what I wrote before: although he wasn't a household name to readers and fans, he was tremendously respected and influential among cartoonists. Interestingly, my impression is that few people seemed to realize how widespread that respect and influence were until he was gone and everyone started comparing notes. "He was exceptionally kind, engaging, and generous to you, encouraging you to persevere when no one else gave you any sign of hope? Me, too!"

Tom's article is a fitting tribute that puts Jay's career into context and suggests how long-lived his legacy will be. I'm proud that a tiny, tiny part of his legacy includes me.

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