Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ich Liebe Dennis Wagner

Man, this is too good.

Dennis Wagner, the German journalist who interviewed me last July, left a comment in my previous post to which I immediately and enthusiastically replied privately. I somehow missed an e-mail from him in September, about which I feel bad (not really my fault, but I can still feel bad about it). Dennis pointed me to this:

What a sensitive, creative report! When we met, Dennis told me how he envisioned animating some of my artwork and asked my permission to do so. I think he did a fantastic job, both technically and in his selection of images. Very, very cool.

My only criticism is that I wish Dennis had left his Ugly Lens at home. I swear, I don't really have an enormous bobble head with squinty bag-rimmed eyes (all right, maybe I'm packing eye bags--but just little tiny over-night eye bags, not enormous steamer-trunk eye bags). Don't watch this video with small children, easily startled pets, or sensitive houseplants in the room, because I'm hideous.

Many thanks, Dennis. Aside from my face, I thought it was wonderful.


L said...

Wah!!! There's a picture of me! How'd that get there?!

Oh well...I guess that's alright...

Anyway, besides that, I thought that the interview was pretty awesome! I loved the way he made your pages look animated, that was a good touch!

ronnie said...

Oh, Bravo! Both to Dennis and Brian. What a great piece. The animation is really well done. But it just makes me realize how much I now want to see Mom's Cancer as an animated short.

Congratulations on a beautiful piece.

Otis Frampton said...

That was great, Brian! It makes me want to go read the book again.

I think I will.


Mike Lynch said...

Hey, that's some fine German handiwork! What a terrific piece of work. Bless those Europeans who like comics and treat them with more respect than we do ourselves.

Thanks for sharing that, Brian!