Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How Deep Is My Love

After passionately despising the Bee Gees' Saturday Night Fever and everything it represents with every subatomic particle of my being for the past 30 years, I have in recent months come to believe it is actually a very good album with some outstanding songs.

I can recall no other instance in my life in which my opinion about anything has swung so dramatically from one extreme to the other. Maybe concerning Chagall. And onions.

That is all.


patricia said...

So bizarre! Last night my husband brought home from the library a CD of BeeGee songs. For the life of me, I don't know why. All night he kept trying to get me to admitting liking at least one of their songs...hmmmm...maybe that one, don't know the title..."I just wanna be your everything..."


d said...

I love Bobby Sherman, myself.

Sing it, Bobby!

ronnie said...

It does beg the question of how, after loathing it for so long, you found yourself listening to it enough to realize you like it...

In other musical developments, the news that The Police have reunited filled my little black heart with joy while simultaneously causing mr. ronniecat to smack his forehead against the wall until it bled. Go figure!

Brian Fies said...

Nothing wrong with Bobby Sherman. Or, really, anyone from the cast of "Here Come the Brides."

I don't know how my epiphany dawned. It took a while--just hearing one Bee Gees song after another on the radio over a long period of time and realizing I liked them individually. I think I needed 30 years to divorce the songs from both disco and the movie. Or maybe my taste in music is completely shot. I would accept that answer as well.

The Police could be fun. I'm disappointed that apparently they'll be touring as an oldies act, just playing their standards. I saw them at a coffee house at my university in late 78-early 79. It might have been literally their last gig at a small dive before they hit it big. Truthfully I don't remember being impressed, or much about it at all, but I can say I was there.

Jennifer said...

Hey, that's happened to me too! It's a catchy song...

I recently read Mom's Cancer and I appreciate your writing it. The cover took my breath away. Looks just like my Mom did.

So I was wondering if I could link to your site? From:


I'm new at this. It just seemed right to ask.

Brian Fies said...

Jennifer, I'm very sorry about your mother's illness and loss. Thanks for your gracious note, you're very welcome to link to my site. Good luck with your writing, I'm sure you have a lot to say.