Friday, January 12, 2007

Cancer Stories

CNN's website is running a good package of stories on cancer today, including a new commentary by Lance Armstrong and first-hand accounts e-mailed to the network by several people confronting the disease.

Their stories sound too familiar to me: determination, frustration, optimism and despair. When people started writing me about Mom's Cancer I was surprised how many of them told me "it was like you were writing about my family" when the story was quite specifically about mine. I get the same sense from reading the CNN stories: these people could be in my family, too.

The main story begins here, with short profiles of the cancer patients/survivors/warriors (some people are pretty sensitive about how they're referred to) here and the Armstrong piece here. Related stories are accessible via convenient links. Worthwhile stuff, I think. Good for CNN.


Alfred Chew said...

I have the same feeling everytime I read about others.

My mum died 17 years ago but my memory of her is still very fresh.

chris said...

My name is Chris. My mother passed away of cervical cancer in 1979. I kept all the letters we wrote to each in the hope that one day I could share them and someone else might be helped. They can be read at thanks, chris

BrianFies said...

Alfred and Chris, thanks very much for commenting. I appreciate it. Chris, those letters will be a nice memorial to your mother and I'm sure will help someone. Thank you for posting them.

Nooraza said...

I look the word that you use'cancer warrior' because from my observation those who survive from cancer have something in common 'strong will and determination'. That true to my sister who diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 yet looks very energetic/strong until now. Same like those faces in your blog.Checkout