Saturday, January 20, 2007

What I Drew Today

My family's been into Girl Scouts since my girls were wee little Brownies and my wife became their troop leader. But now they've got their Gold Awards (the Girl Scouts' "Eagle") and gone to college, and with my kids out of the program my wife's trying to ease out of her obligations but still likes the people and helps out when she can.

So the local Girl Scout council is having a dinner to honor two long-time volunteers. They know I can draw so they asked my wife if she'd ask me to do a cartoon for the event to put on flyers and such. She said "please" and I said yes.

Now, the deal with Girl Scouts is that both Scouts and adult leaders pick "camp names" they use for all troop functions. Their camp names become such a strong part of their identities that sometimes that's the only name by which they know each other--I mean, there are actually grown women I've known for 10 years only as "Ziggy" and "Snow White." The two volunteer leaders being honored are "Flamingo" and "Parrot."

So I drew this.


R said...

Aww, cute! :)
I hope they like it!

l said...

Heh, so cute, why don't you draw one for us? (although I'm not sure how you'd make a river wearing a vest, and Indy as a GS would just be wrong, so never mind ;) )
You'll have to tell us what everyone thought about it!

Namowal said...

Nice work :)
Of course, anyone who draws antropomorphic bird caricatures is O.K. in my book.