Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Preliminary Post Mortem

Just returned home from New York City, where Mom's Cancer did not win the 2006 Quill Book Award for Best Graphic Novel. I lost to Naruto Volume 7. I hear it was much better than Naruto Volume 6.

My will to live remains strong. More tomorrow.


R said...

I think that ninja we saw riding by on a bike while you were here on Monday was an evil omen...

ronnie said...

What are you gonna do? I was hoping that if you didn't win, Alison Bechdel would get it - you both deserved it - but it was a popularity contest, not a true assessment of comparative quality.

Anime has a HUGE fan following which is incredibly well-connected online - I know, as my sister is a part of it. They can network and use the net like nobody's business. (Just now I typed "Naruto" into Google and got 41,500,000 hits!)

You got the Eisner. That's the one that counts - a jury of your peers.

And as Sean "Puffy" Combs once said, "It's an honour just to be indicted". ;)