Friday, January 18, 2008

Rockwell Interview

Back in August I blogged about recording a video interview to go along with the "LitGraphic: Art of the Graphic Novel" exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum, which is currently showing eight pages of original art from Mom's Cancer along with scores of more interesting works from better artists. As I mentioned in my report from the exhibit opening, the museum is playing these interviews of me and several others in a continuous loop on two monitors near the galleries.
Anyway, museum curator Martin Mahoney--who flew to my home with Jeremy Clowe to tape the interview--just sent me a copy of the DVD and gave me permission to post my piece of it. Here it is, courtesy and copyright of the Norman Rockwell Museum:
Subjectively, I think I'm hideous. (My wife: "No, really, that's how you actually look and sound." Me: "Good lord, why did you ever marry me?!") Objectively, I think it's a nice piece of interviewing with terrific production values.
Backstage trivia: the rolltop desk I'm sitting at is where I actually do most of my artwork. My Eisner Award is on the desk beside me but I don't normally keep it there; the guys wanted it in the shot. The two plaster masks on the wall behind me are the Greek gods Hermes and Apollo, made by my children in art class several years ago. The big poster on the wall at upper left is an uncut sheet of 16 pages of Mom's Cancer as they rolled off the press, which I think is really cool. Mom made the stained-glass shade for the desk lamp behind me. And the outdoor footage near the end is my backyard, where I never actually sit around sketching but which I think looked particularly green and flowery that day.
"LitGraphic" will be on exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass. through May 26, and after that could be coming to a museum near you. I think it's worth a visit.

Jeremy and Martin: the view
from MY side of the camera


Mike Lynch said...

Well done interview and it was a joy to behold your studio -- messy, full of papers -- just like mine (except for the well-earned awards).

I really liked the story of you sketching your Mom, and understanding that comics would be a good medium for telling the story.

Congratulations -- and if we travel to NYC between now and May, we will come and see the show, you betcha!

Sherwood Harrington said...

This is wonderful, Brian. Thank you for letting us see (and hear) it.

I think you look just fine, by the way. I think all of us except big-time narcissists are pre-disposed to dislike pictures of ourselves. Maybe not so with cartoon renderings, though.

And, as you said over on SherWords re me: it's nice to hear what your voice sounds like! Pretty much within expectations, though.

Xtreme English said...

What a nice surprise...just browsing through the bl*gs...and there you are. You have a wonderful, kind face, and a great midwestern accent. (Not often these days that I hear the prairie in someone's voice!!) It's really generous of you to share yourself, too, with us. We've read your book, and know your family's story, and seen your cartoon face, but now we get to see the real you. Pretty brave. Pretty cool.

patricia said...

It's an excellent interview. And you NOT hideous, you twit – you're adorable! (But yes, I would die a thousand deaths were I to see myself on film).

LOVE your studio. It's got great history. So warm and cosy and lived-in.