Friday, December 01, 2006

Cybil Award Nomination

Interrupting my recent gassy ruminations on physics and metaphysics, I just learned that Mom's Cancer is one of 35 books nominated for a Cybil Award in the graphic novel category.

If you (like me) ask, "What's a Cybil Award?" the organization's website explains. Quoting from the press release marking their formation in October:

Like all revolutions, this one started small, with a single post on a blog devoted to children's literature. The Newbery Medals seemed too elitist and the Quills, well, not enough so. Was there a middle ground, an annual award that would recognize both a book's merits and popularity? The answer: invent one! Within hours, this meme had circulated among some of the biggest bloggers in the burgeoning kidlitosphere, the cozy corner of the Web where children's books are given the same regard as their grown-up counterparts. Within days, the new awards had a name and a website: The Cybils, a loose acronym for Children's and YA Bloggers' Literary Awards....

Panelists will trim the list of nominees to five books in each of eight categories by January 1, after which judges will choose the winners.

This is very nice recognition. Again, as I mentioned when discussing my book's nomination for an American Library Association 2007 Best Books for Young Adults award, I'm happily nonplussed to discover I wrote a "young adult" book. I did not know that, but it's fine by me.


R said...

And no Naruto this time! Wahaha...

That's pretty cool! I'm not sure about the whole "childrens/young adult thing" but whatever; it's not like they couldn't understand it or anything.

ronnie said...

Congratulations, Brian!

I am sure that given the choice between writing a book that would make you wealthy beyond your wildest fantasies and writing a book that would be recognized repeatedly by your peers for its outstanding excellence, quality, and contribution to family support literature, I know which you would have chosen.

The wealth beyond your wildest fantasies, but the awards and nominations are super-nice too. ;)