Thursday, September 28, 2006

Quill Award Update

Today I'm firming up plans to attend The Quill Book Awards in New York City on October 10. As I mentioned a while ago, Mom's Cancer was one of five nominees for Best Graphic Novel, and the winners will be announced at a black-tie star-studded gala two Tuesdays from now. The event will even be taped for later broadcast on NBC-owned television stations.

I thought it was kind of odd that no one representing the Quill Awards ever contacted me, even to tell me I'd been nominated. I wondered if they planned to wait until voting was done on September 30, look over the results, and only invite the winners. But it turns out they've been talking to my publisher, Abrams, instead of me and Abrams was generous enough to buy a couple of the very expensive tickets for me and, most likely, Editor Charlie. Assuming I can book a flight, I'll be there. Charlie's offered his couch and even promised to straighten up the place a little.

Oddly enough, I do own a tux. It just seemed like something a grown-up should have. The last time I wore it was to a Girl Scout father-daughter dance early this year and I'm pretty sure there are still raffle prize tickets in the jacket pocket.

The way the Quill Awards work is that books were nominated in 20 categories by thousands of booksellers and publishing professionals, with the winners chosen by popular vote via the Internet. If you haven't voted, I'd be grateful if you'd go and vote for Mom's Cancer. You have until Saturday. (If you wanted, you could even vote for Mom's Cancer as "Book of the Year," but that's just getting ridiculous.)

I expect I'll have more to say on the subject sometime between September 30 and October 10. Thanks!


ronnie said...

Ooh, how exciting! I'm really, really glad Abrams is sending you to this. You've generated quite a bit of buzz for them this year.

I expect Husband will own a tux around the same time I'm nominated for an Academy Award. In fact, at exactly the same time ;) And then, he'll say, "Well, we should check the second-hand places first. You see some awesome tuxes there..."


Janet said...

I am sure Mom’s cancer would earn the honor of Best graphic novel. All the best to you.

Brian Fies said...

Ronnie: Actually, buying a tux was my wife's idea. I think she hoped that if I had the right clothes we might actually go places I'd need to wear them. No such luck so far.

Janet: Thanks for your vote of confidence. I'd be very happy if you were right.