Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spotlight on San Diego

Packing now to fly to Comic-Con International tomorrow. Meanwhile, the above is a little preview of my Spotlight Panel talk on Thursday. I'd love to see you there. I'd love to see anyone there.

I'm approaching the con with the same mix of anticipation and dread you might have when planning a trip to DisneyWorld. You know you're going to have fun, but you also know it's going to be hot, crowded, hard to park, expensive to eat, and full of minor hassles. There are a thousand opportunities to be frustrated and miserable. And it's going to be great anyway.

For the last time, here's where I'm planning to be:
- Thursday, July 20, 5 p.m., Room 1B: Spotlight on Brian Fies.
- Thursday, July 20, 6 p.m., Room 3: Developing Your Webcomic panel discussion.
- Saturday, July 22, 10:30 a.m., Room 2: What Is Mainstream? Another panel discussion.

I'm also scheduled to sign books at the Harry N. Abrams booth (#5455, right up near the front doors) Thursday from 2 to 3 p.m. and Saturday from 2 to 3 p.m. I'm going to see if I can sneak in something late Friday as well.

Don't know if I'll have any opportunities to blog from San Diego, but I'm sure I'll be back with pictures and stories afterward.


ronnie said...


"Portrait of the Artist as a Deer in the Headlights"

Have tons of fun, guy. I only wish time and distance didn't make it impossible for me to hear your talks - this year.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Nurse Sis

Lynne said...

have fun, say hi to Lis for me! (she says she's bringing the Pogo book)

ronnie said...

Okay, the fake ID totally rocked and I got the beers, eh? They're in the bathtub on ice.

We can party at this place all weekend while Bri is at ComicCon.

Hey, he's got Premium Cable!


Mike said...

It's awful hot. Let's take his TV out by the pool so we can watch while we swim! Prop it up on the end of the divingboard and crank up the sound!

ronnie said...

You have, like, the best ideas!

I wonder what's in the fridge...

Sherwood said...

Oh, Mike, now you've gone and done it -- now Brian has a high-diveinition tv, I'd say.

What's all that Molsons stuff in the fridge, ronnie? Bleagh. I'm gonna go out for some real brew, some Guinness.

I may be gone for a while. Don't wait up.

D.D.Degg said...

Hey Brian, remember how you said I
could crash at your place this weekend?
Well I was there takin' a bath
long about Saturday night. Y'know just relaxin' in the tub, thinking
everything was alright.
Well I got out the tub and put my
feet on the floor, wrapped a towel
around me and opened the door.
Geez Brian you wouldn't believe
the party goin' on!

There was Harrington and, yeah,
Peterson, good golly Miss Ronnie
was even havin' fun.

Brian let me tell ya -
They was a rollin' and a strollin',
reelin' with the feelin',
moving and a groovin',
rockin' and a rollin'.

But don't worry, I've already called
the SRPD about these hooligans.

Anonymous said...

Heh Heh Heh, what have we here.

Somebody get that cat out of the puncbowl.


Peter B. Steiger said...

Wish I could make it! Next time have the con in Denver and I'll sneak down from Cheyenne... have fun and don't sniff too much ink.

len-l said...

I'm late again, I see....dang. Nothing left but Lite Beer.

Mike said...

Hang on, Len -- check out what I found in the basement. He's got a closet down there with a bunch of wine. I don't think he'll care if we drink a bottle or two or three. Anyway, it's, like, all dusty and stuff. I'll bet he forgot he even had it.

ronnie said...

Let's see... "1811 Chambertin"... Guh, he'll never miss something that's been down here since 1811!

Are there any ice cubes in the fridge? It's, like, too hot to drink *anything* room temperature.

And does anybody have a straw?

Uh-oh, has anybody seen Amber the cat since JGM took her out of the punch bowl?

Sherwood said...

When I was in school, what we'd do with outdated wine like that is to use it in a cooler with some 7-up and fruit juice. Check his fridge again and see if he has anything like that.

Oh, and I found some straws. Click on my name on this comment to get 'em.

I haven't seen Amber, but I just got a call from the Freighter on his cell -- says she's been harassing him by 'phone, so she's prob'ly loaded.

ronnie said...

Yum! Flav-R-Straws!

Oh ya, that's some gooood sweet vino. Kinda reminds me of melted cough drops.

Uh... guysh...?

Are them fish s'posed to be upside down?

arfenarf said...

Let's put the fish into the hot tub! It'll be, like, totally groovy to swim in 'em.

Hey - there's a pair of *undies* in the fiter over here. Sherwood, are they yours?

Brian Fies said...

* click *

* creeeeeeeak *

What the hell?!

My fridge is stuffed full of this lite beer and Molson's crap! Somebody signed me up for premium cable (thanks!) but my television is floating in the pool (and I didn't even HAVE a pool when I left town).

On the positive side, someone took care of that old fertilizer, asbestos, and PCBs distillate I kept stored in the old wine bottles in the basement. That's gonna save me a ton in hazardous waste removal fees, especially after the last time the guys in the bunny suits had to visit.

And where's my cat? Here, kitty kitty.

Ah well, she'll turn up. I'll just clean out the hot tub filter while I'm looking and--


Hope said...

Hola, is there any sangria left?!

Sherwood "Alex" Forrest said...

I don't think there's any sangria, but you should check out the stewpot on the stove. I don't think he's gotten to that yet.

Dann said...

Hi Everyone!!

Sorry I'm late but the gal that was braiding my back hair took forever. Sherwood, would you toss me a beer whilst I slip into my Speedo please? And Brian....?

Why are you draining the pool?? Buddy? Pal?