Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Things Considered

I just got home from KQED radio in San Francisco after a great interview with NPR's Melissa Block for "All Things Considered." After stewing in the lobby for a bit (Miriam and I are both the type of people who'd rather get somewhere one hour early than five minutes late) we were set up in a small studio with microphones and headphones, and were soon talking long-distance with Melissa. Despite being a disembodied voice in my skull, she did a nice job of putting us at ease and interviewed us for about 45 minutes. I thought it went very well.

Of course it'll be edited to a much shorter piece (I don't know how short) and, depending on which few minutes of our conversation Melissa and her producer pick, we'll either sound like the most talented, compassionate, funny and wise people you'd ever want to meet or complete twits. Thinking back, I'm only wincing at one or two things I said, which is a pretty good average for me.

They couldn't tell us when it would run--either today or tomorrow, I think. Melissa promised that her producer would call when they knew, and I will update this post when I find out. Meanwhile, here's Miriam and me in the studio, photo courtesy of sound engineer Howie, who was a friend of Miriam's and a great guy.

The best part was getting to know Miriam. I think we had a good rapport both off and on the air. If we worked up an act, we could take it on the road.

UPDATE: We're on today! The time will depend on when your local NPR station plays "All Things Considered." It's a two-hour program, and I understand from the producer that we'll be on at 10 minutes before the end of the first hour. So if "All Things Considered" starts at 5:00 p.m. in your market, we're scheduled to be on at 5:50 p.m. No promises.


Amanda said...

Or you can listen online.

BrianFies said...

Thanks, Amanda. I appreciate the pointer.