Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Reviews: Villalon and Nonanon

That title kinda rhymes....

I just learned of a terrific audio review of Mom's Cancer by San Francisco Chronicle book editor Oscar Villalon. The review was done a week ago for "The California Report" magazine, a weekly radio news program produced by KQED in San Francisco. I appreciate it very much.

Y'know, I put a lot of thought into how I structured my story, its tone and style, how I portrayed the characters, which parts I included and which I left out. The story is all true, but within the boundaries of telling the truth (as I saw it) I still had a lot of choices to make. So I'm happy when someone who really knows books and understands how a story works says I chose well. It means a lot to my insecure inner writer.

Mom's Cancer also got a nice review yesterday on the "Nonfiction (Readers) Anonymous" blog. "Nonanon" is an opinionated, sardonic online critic who, I gather, doesn't shy away from scorching earth when necessary. That makes her "Wows" (I count five of them) that much sweeter. Thank you.

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