Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Everybody Needs A Hero

Still pulling everything together to catch a pre-dawn flight east tomorrow, but before I go I wanted to tell you about a little Hero.

Hero is Mom's pomeranian pup, a prancy little fluffball with tippy-tappy toes who helped her through some of her hardest hours. I have rarely seen a dog so devoted, and Mom lit up whenever he was around. He makes brief appearances in Mom's Cancer, including a bit that tells how Mom got Hero as a gift on her birthday.

Hero in life and in Mom's Cancer

Mom always wanted to make a plush-toy version of Hero, especially so that people facing a situation like hers--or otherwise in need of comfort--could have a Hero of their own to hug. She wanted to spread the Hero magic that she felt had strengthened her. When I negotiated my contract with Abrams, I made sure to keep the merchandising rights to the characters so Mom could do whatever she wanted with him.

Mom started work on the project but didn't stay healthy enough to see it through. After Mom passed away, my sisters took up the task. They now have a prototype in hand and hope to have Hero dolls for sale by the summer. See or click on the image below. I think it's an uncanny likeness.

Full disclosure: although I provided some design advice, I have no financial stake in Hero dolls. It's all my sisters' deal. I can also pretty much guarantee that this isn't the start of a Mom's Cancer merchandising blitz. The Hero doll was Mom's inspiration that my sisters are seeing through to completion for all the right reasons. I hope it does everything Mom wanted it to.

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