Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Catalog Shopping

Editor Charlie just sent me the spring catalog for Abrams Image, the new imprint I'm helping Abrams Books launch. This is the catalog that goes out to all the buyers for bookstores informing them of the wonderful new publications they simply must order today to satisfy their demanding, discerning customers in March. And leading off the slim gold-covered catalog is a two-page spread of:

I know that text is too small to read. However, you might be able to make out the yellow rectangle at the upper right of the bottom page--the one that reads "100,000-copy first printing." Holy moley, that's a lot of books. It's also a tangible expression of Abrams' commitment to Mom's Cancer. I'm a bit nonplussed by their faith, but appreciate it.

UPDATE: I've now made both images links to larger versions on my www.momscancer.com website. Just click on either image to see them bigger.


Anonymous said...

Wow~ Congrats! Seriously though, do you need to use words that make me go to Webster's Dictionary when I come to your site ie- pedagogue, nonplussed??? I always thought I had some command of the English language, apparently NOT!

No wonder you got a GREAT book deal. : + )
Nurse Sis

Lynne said...

Brian, you must be beside yourself with joy about this project. What a legacy for her.... wow

Lynn said...

Very exciting! Go Brian!

BrianFies said...

Sorry, Sis. If it's any consolation, I did look up "nonplussed" before I wrote it just to be sure it meant what I thought it meant.

Lynne and Lynn, thanks a lot. These weeks are flying by and spring always seems to be coming faster than I think. Should be fun.