Monday, October 17, 2005


Just a brief report on the memorial celebration we held for Mom yesterday, because I don't have energy for a long one. It turned out very well, with all the right people and just the right amount of them. Friends and relatives, some flying halfway across the country on short notice. A perfect amount of food (it's hard to order when you don't know whether to expect 30 or 300 guests). People even seemed to like my PowerPoint presentation, which many of them took home on CDs I'd burned as mementos. Pretty exhausting, and it's hard to turn it off Sunday night and get back to work Monday morning.

Just one more photo of Mom, this one from her days as a model around age 19. I'm afraid I cut this career short for her--by being born. My mistake. I love Mom's modeling pictures and it took my sisters a week to figure out where she had hidden them.

I guess one good thing about a memorial is you learn new things about someone you thought you knew about as well as anyone could. Mom inspired and even saved the lives of people I didn't even know. That was great to hear.

I'm going to try to keep this blog focused on the book and off the maudlin from now on. But I'm sure I'll write more about Mom from time to time. After all, she is the book. And it is my blog.


Larisa said...

Just now found your blog. My dad was diagnosed with NSCLC in June. He is doing well just having completed his chemo/radiation. The latest report on his CT is "no evidence of neoplasm" but we're still scratching our heads about that. I look forward to reading your book when it is out. I'm sorry to hear that your mother passed away. Be sure and take care of yourself now especially.

Larisa said...

And I really dont know why I thought your name was Mike. Duh!! So sorry BRIAN! I promise I'm not an idiot!!

brian fies said...

Larisa, I appreciate your condolences. My family is doing fine, considering. Thanks for visiting and writing, and best of luck with your father's treatment and health.

ronnie said...

You're right, Brian. It is her book. And your blog. And whatever you write and print in the way of photos, etc. will be just right. Trust me :)