Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In Which My Drawings Lead a More Exciting Life than I Do

A few days ago, I received a very nice letter from the Norman Rockwell Museum asking if they could hold onto the eight pages of Mom's Cancer artwork they're exhibiting a bit longer than planned.

Curator Stephanie Plunkett wrote that the show, "LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel," has been a big success--enough so that after it closes in May, they'd like to make it a traveling exhibition and loan it to other museums. Not every exhibition is so honored; apparently they've already gotten a lot of interest from big-time institutions.

Since Stephanie bribed me by enclosing a great book full of Rockwellian arty goodness, I said "yes."

If all goes as planned, I won't be reunited with my artwork until June 2010--unless I go visit it, and even then they probably won't let me take it out of the frame and mess around with it ("it's all right, I'm just fixing a little mistake...."). My drawings will visit parts of the country I've never seen. I'll be an old man by the time they come home. Still, as I mentioned to my wife, I guess if I miss them that much I can always redraw them.

So look for LitGraphic, coming soon to a museum near you (tour details will follow as I learn them). If you see my stuff, say "Hi" for me.


Lady Luck said...

I love the idea of your drawings leading a more exciting life than you - it made me laugh out loud!

It's great to hear that so many people will get to view them though - maybe they'll come to my neck of the woods in the UK one day.

If they do I'll be sure to say hello!

Sherwood Harrington said...

If they ever wander into the greater San Francisco Bay Area (roughly defined by your place to my place and an equivalent distance eastward from SF), please be sure to let me know! I would absolutely love to get an image on my Nikon's chip of you with the MTO's (Marvelous Traveling Originals).

Brian Fies said...

Thanks, I'll be sure to announce the exhibition's itinerary when I learn it. If they get within driving distance, I guess I'll have to have a coming-home party.