Friday, June 23, 2006

Unsolicited Testimonials

I don't do product placement* and will never put advertising on my website, but I've gotta say that if you've got a cat who enjoys barfing many times a week like I do,** you must get one of these. It has improved my quality of life approximately 650%. I'm sure it would work great on dog stuff*** too.

I've been very busy with a couple of big work deadlines lately and apologize for my dearth of postings. Not much is new in bookland, I'm just looking forward to an interview I expect to show up on the Sequential Tart website next week and preparing for Comic-Con next month.

And Happy Birthday to Kid Sis, Nurse Sis, and my wife, whose birthdays all fall within the last week of June. Or, as I call it, Hell Week.

* Powerpuff Girls excepted.
** That is, the cat barfs many times a week, not me.
*** If you know what I mean.


Lynda said...

Your cat barfs that much? Poor kitty. Does it eat grass or is it the brain thing?

I said happy birthday to Kid Sis on her blog, but Happy birthday to your wife and Nurse Sis as well. Do they have blogs?

BrianFies said...

It's a different cat, actually, and she's all right. We've tried many different types of food, had her vet check her over...basically her problem is that she's a glutton. Food goes in, food goes out. Doesn't seem to bother her at all and she's made it to middle age just fine, so shed no tears for kitty.

No one in the family blogs except Kid Sis and me. Everyone else is mature and responsible.