Friday, June 30, 2006

A Tart Interview

Sequential Tart, a Web magazine about the comics industry with a focus on women creators and issues, has been kind to my work in the past. Now they've done it again.

Writer MK Czerwiec has posted a new interview with me in the Tart's July issue and I think it's great. MK's experience as a former cancer nurse gives her unique expertise and perspective, I think, which makes me value her opinion all the more. She asked questions I don't think I'd been asked before and I really enjoyed corresponding with her.

As I post this, I see that the interview cuts off in mid-sentence. I assume that's an Internet or coding glitch they'll iron out soon (if the last words you read are "...commitment to be a," come back later for the rest).

Thanks, MK, I'm grateful.

1 comment:

ronnie said...

"...what happens within a family when it gets dumped upside down..."

Well, that's it, Brian. With that snippet you've finally articulated why Mom's Cancer resonates with so many people, including those whose lives have been touched by other, different crises.

Wonderful interview (as usual) and, I agree, unique. It is especially exciting to see the buzz that's being generated within the medical/oncology community.