Monday, February 13, 2006

Signing in Berkeley and NYC

My wife and I are psyching ourselves up for our big trip to the New York Comic-Con late next week. One of the highlights is sure to be a gala dinner party Abrams is hosting to kick off its spring season at which I'll be only one of several guests of honor. I'll post pictures. While I'm in town, I'm also scheduled to sign books Friday night, February 24 (specific time TBD) at St. Mark's Comics in Manhattan, a legendary establishment.

Closer to home, I'm now scheduled to give a little talk and sign books on Saturday, March 25 at 7 p.m. at:

Cody's Fourth Street
1730 Fourth St.
Berkeley, Calif.

A note for anyone familiar with the area, this isn't the main Cody's Books on Telegraph, but a cozier Cody's closer to the freeway on Fourth north of University Ave.

A lot is coming together quickly. Exciting and stressful times.


Anonymous said...

Exciting and stressful times? In either impassioned moment, tequila works wonders.

Edward T. Shroomhead, Esq.

BrianFies said...

Some times are exciting. Some times are stressful. Some times are both.