Monday, January 30, 2006

Stars in My Eyes

I'm told by editor Charlie, who has seen the print version, that the "Publishers Weekly" review is not only favorable but Starred, indicating "a book of exceptional merit." That honor is not evident in the online version. Booksellers and librarians will take notice.

As self-effacing as I am, I won't argue with PW's assessment.


Anonymous said...

It is a great review and I am sure it is VERY REWARDING to have the reviewer "get it". I believe the general public will "get it" too...BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!
Nurse Sis : )

BrianFies said...

You just like it 'cause they called you "knowledgeable." I'm glad they got that, too. Thanks!

D.D.Degg said...

Just a FYI -
Received the same review today in
my PW Comics Week newsletter(e-mail).
And yes, they had the red star
on it.


Otis Frampton said...
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Otis Frampton said...

Just the first of many great reviews, now that your work will be seen outside of the somewhat (somewhat insular and creatively incestuous) comics world.

I hope you're not too big a name (Mr. Special Guest) to say hello at this year's Comic Con. Are you gonna have a table this year, or at least somewhere to sit and sign copies of your book?

I'll be there promoting the Oddly Normal series 1 trade paperback and my sketch card work, both at the Viper booth and probably in artist alley with a couple other Topps artists.


BrianFies said...

D.D., thanks for that news. I subscribe to the same e-newsletter but hadn't noticed the review in the latest issue.

Otis, are you kidding? You're going to be one of about six people at Comic-Con that I know. I'm going to be clinging to you like a life preserver.

I believe Abrams is planning to have a table in San Diego and I'll be there signing my book. If not, I'll just sit in the lobby outside with a cardboard sign.

And let me recommend your website and blog at to anyone reading this. Otis is a good man who does good work.

Otis Frampton said...

Thanks for showing the way to my site, Brian.

And goo to know you'll have a home base this time around. Can't wait to get the book. I'm gonna wait until SDCC to get it so i can get one signed.


Kid Sis said...

V. cool.