Wednesday, January 04, 2006

auf Deutsch

This is pretty cool. I got my first look at a few pages from the German edition of Mom's Cancer today. The book is being published by Knesebeck, which--like Abrams--is a subsidiary of La Martiniere Groupe. It's nice to keep it in the family.

My two years of high school German were only a little help in reviewing the material and I'm content to put my faith in the skill of Knesebeck's translators. Editor Charlie and I had some discussions about type; I think the font chosen maintains some of the casualness of my original hand-lettering while remaining very legible. It's acceptable. As long as the words and pictures are clear, I'm pretty easy-going about how my work is presented. The story is the important part...everything else is icing on the cake.

As I said a while ago, I'm looking forward to starting a foreign-language collection. So far, sehr gut.


lorenzo corti said...


I'm Lorenzo Corti, from Italy
Me and my friend Alessio send you an e-mail some days ago because we will be very proud to publish "My Mom's Cancer" in Italy.
We are going to ask some Associations if they are interested on a partnership with us to make your book more visible and useful to people and families that are living your same trouble.
We will be very happy to show that even comics can useful to people.

You did a great work!


BrianFies said...

Lorenzo, please get in touch with the foreign rights person at Abrams whose contact information I sent to Alessio. I would sincerely like to work with you guys and hope we can work it out. Thank you very much for finding my blog and for your kind comments on my work!