Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Therapy Toolbox Internet Radio Show

Here's that audio interview I mentioned in the last post:

It runs about 55 minutes. There were a few things I wish I'd remembered to say and a couple I wish I hadn't said at all, but overall I think it went fine. Interviewer Jon Filitti really did his homework and came prepared, and it felt to me like we were just having a nice conversation. I've interviewed a lot of people before (as a freelance writer and long-ago newspaper reporter) and appreciate a job well done.

Does anybody like the sound of their own recorded voice?

Thanks to Jon and Deborah Harper for the opportunity and the soapbox (and for putting together that cool webpage above). I'll be updating my website to include appropriate info and links soon.


Lynn said...

(*grin*) I thought your voice sounded great. But true, I doubt any of us personally like to hear own voices repeated back to us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, especially hearing about the parts where you found your publisher, the way some panels came about, etc. Love that. Thanks for sharing!

patricia said...

How exciting! Your voice sounds great, Brian, but having just recently been on the radio for the first time, I know how you feel!

I don't have time to listen to all of it yet, but will when I have more time!

Congrats once again!