Saturday, October 22, 2005


That was my Amazon ranking yesterday. Right between a "Touchy Feely Board Book" titled That's Not My Lion and the memoirs of "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace. In your face, Mike Wallace.

I owe it all to Thursday's commenter Anonymous, who was probably the first person on Earth to buy Mom's Cancer. Thanks, Anon!


The-Edge said...

Hi Brian. Mom's Cancer is also available for pre-order at Indigo ( Indigo is the largest chain of book stores in Canada. I have order 6 copies. 1 for myself and 5 to give to the Cross Cancer Institute here in Edmonton. It's an amazing facility and it deserves to have this amazing book available for it's staff and patients. It was with great sadness that I heard of Mom's passing but I can only imagine how proud she was of the award and the fact this book is getting published. Cheers. Terry

BrianFies said...

Terry, Thanks for letting me know about Indigo, and thank you very much for ordering so many copies. Mom hoped that her story would be helpful to others facing similar crises. I hope the Cross Cancer Institute puts them to good use, and appreciate your condolences.