Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blog-Only Exclusive!

Today's pulse-pounding, over-hyped title is meant facetiously, by the way. I don't have much to report on the publication front right now, but wanted to put up some new content. So I thought I'd post and talk about some new art I've done for the book.

This drawing of a game pawn and die, suggested by my editor, echoes the "life is playing the odds" theme of my story. We're going to use it as a stand-alone spot illustration on one of the opening pages, and then again as part of a fine repeating pattern for the endpapers. The endpaper effect will be subtle--imagine this drawing shrunken very small and colored beige against a tan background, repeated in a diagonal pattern.

This was just a miscellaneous spot drawing I did of Mom and her dog Hero that we'll also use in the book, probably on the title page. I'm a modest guy, but I've got to say I like how Hero came out: he's attentive, doting, ready to help Mom any way he can. That pretty much captures their relationship, I think.

This is a skectch that won't be in the book, or anywhere else. I described earlier (August 3) some of the decisionmaking that went into designing the cover. This was one idea I had, and I drew it up in about five minutes using a brush-pen that was a new tool for me. This was the first time I'd taken it out for a spin and I liked the line it produced. If I'd discovered it earlier, I might have done the whole book in brush-pen. Colored in Photoshop.

Let me know if you'd like to see more unpublished, preliminary, edited or rejected art from Mom's Cancer. I've got bucket-loads of it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, show more. I like your trees, by the way, and am impressed that you can draw something like that in just 5 minutes. I'm a bit slower with my work, at a little over 6 minutes. Chalk it up to all the frequent breaks I take, due to my extreme lazy nature. But anyway, yeah, show more. It's always fun to look at the stuff that doesn't make it into a project.


Brian Fies said...

Thanks, David. I may have been exaggerating about the five minutes. I'm sure I'm lazier than you.

(By the way, David is a brother-in-law and friend of mine. Anyone interested in educational computer games for young children could do much worse than checking out his work on

Terri /Tinker said...

Yes, please! I'd be very interested in seeing the other work, & in your comments on your selection process. By the way, even if the "Blog-Only" drawing took 10 minutes, I'd be impressed - I'm still trying to get out of overworking my drawings. Thanks for sharing the publishing process with us!

patti digh said...

a young friend with three small children (one less than a year old) just died last sunday of cancer and i'm writing a blog piece about it - and would like to direct readers to your work. might you have a few drawings i could include in that posting to tell your story/journey? is the site