Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am so busy riding the deadline rocket sled that I can't even tell you. Can't tell you now, anyway, but in about a month you won't be able to shut me up.
I wasn't planning to attend the San Diego Comic-Con this year, but it looks like I'm going to be in town for a day after all. Saturday, to be specific, so I should be able to take a nice, leisurely stroll through the exhibition hall and not worry about overcrowding at all (that's a joke, son). I mention it now because I know some of my writer and artist buddies read the blog occasionally and Comic-Con is one of the few chances we get to meet. Don't be surprised to see me popping up at your table mid-Saturday. In fact, you probably shouldn't even take a lunch or bathroom break.
More later. Happy Canada Day (just past) and Independence Day (upcoming) to everyone who celebrates one of them.


ronnie said...

Thanks for the Canada Day greetings. Although it had been raining here since last Friday and was predicted to continue to do so into next week, Nature decided to Do The Right Thing and gave us sunshine and temperatures in the low 30s yesterday. (That's high 80s to you Farenheit Folks.) Hope your Independence Day is as nice (and you get a 3-day weekend, too!)

Frank Mariani said...

I enjoyed the Foghorn Leghorn reference: "That's a joke, son".
Brian, I hope you like baseball, becasue there's somethin' kinda "yeeeeaauuhhh" 'bout a boy who don't like baseball.