Friday, July 25, 2008

Free to Breathe

Last year I wrote about a charity walk my sister Brenda ("Nurse Sis") helps organize to support the National Lung Cancer Partnership. The organization hosts several "Free to Breathe" run/walks around the country this time of year, including a 5K/1.5 mile event in Los Angeles on August 3. I don't vouch for much--for example, the reason I don't provide a long list of links to cancer-related sites on my blog or at is I don't feel I have the expertise to evaluate them or the time to keep them current--but the NLCP is a worthwhile organization that provided good information for me when Mom was diagnosed.

A few friends and readers were kind enough to donate last year and I thought I'd offer the same opportunity again. Brenda has set up a donation page for her fundraising team, "Barbara's Heroes," and if you're looking for a good cause to support please consider this one. Even small donations will be much appreciated.

I'll be flying off to Comic-Con International in San Diego early tomorrow morning. As I mentioned before, I wasn't planning to go this year, but something came up. I'll warn you right now: when I get back from the convention, things are going to be verrrry different around here.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to my donation page!
Mom just thought the world of this organization for numerous reasons, but the two that stand out were how incredibly compassionate they were while listening to her share her story and for keeping a promise to follow up with her after they had done research for her regarding local resources here in L.A.
Mom & I were shocked to find out that their HQ were in Madison, Wisconsin. It was then that we both said to count us in if they got to a place where we could help THEM.
You are going to start wearing your "costume" full time when you get back home?????
; )
Nurse Sis

EMR said...

There should be more help available for the cancer fighting patients as it is very hard and severe to fight such a disease.