Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Quick Bits 2

1. The Phantom comic strip has been in continuous publication since its debut on February 17, 1936. In all that time, readers have never seen the Phantom's unmasked face, unless hidden behind huge sunglasses and wide-brimmed hat. Until today:

That's him in panel 3, in bed with his wife, sleeping in his purple tights and stripey trunks. History in the making. You'll always remember where you were when you saw it.

2. Mark Evanier's blog alerts me to a second historic occasion, this heroic shattering of a world record:

I think that clip simultaneously captures everything that's wrong with America and everything that's right with it.

3. When someone asks me what my fee would be to speak to their group, I really ought to come up with a better answer than to snort hot chocolate through my nose and choke.


Mike said...

So, what would your fee be to take off your mask, whimper incessantly, and then run around breaking balloons with your teeth? How much with the mask on?

Brian Fies said...

Mike, my fee would be very large and I would insist on wearing the mask.

ronnie said...

The only answer to "What is your fee?" is:

"Fo..Fi..Five...huu...thou...si...six...five...thou...mil...thousand. Five thousand dollars."

Of course, there's a lot of face-reading going on during those elipses.*


*Don't try this technique over the phone. You'll sound like a right prat and the gig will evaporate like this week's beer money.

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