Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To the Bat Ballot!

Upcoming elections make this a perfect time to pause and reflect on the wisdom of the Caped Crusader:

The nice thing about the clip is that it works no matter what your political persuasion. Because, you see, all the pandering and dirty tricks are the fault of those other guys.... Never yours.


Ryan said...

Came to your blog from Google.
While laid up with 10 months of chemo for my fancy Stage IV Hodgkin's I created an off color cancer shirt site, ChucklenutShirts.com.
Wondering if you could give me a plug on your great website.

A portion of each sale gets donated to cancer charities each month.

Here is an image to use if you decide to.


ronnie said...

I can't watch the video yet (at work - bandwidth issues mean no streaming video) but I just felt compelled to share that I keep misreading the title of the post as "To the Bat Ballet" and the images have been flitting - pardon the pun - through my head all morning...

Brian Fies said...

Ryan, thanks for finding me and best of luck with your continued recovery. I've got a personal policy about not hosting advertising of any kind on my website(s), except for the obvious Amazon link to my book. I've got a similar policy about providing links to cancer information or advocacy sites. Many are outstanding, but there's also a lot of bad or harmful cancer information out there, and I don't have the time or expertise to check them all out and keep them current. I'd hate to steer somebody wrong. So I wish you the best and hope you understand.

Ronnie, how about Die Fledermaus? Not quite a ballet, but....

Mike Lynch said...

Prescient Adam West, I kneel at your bat-pedestal! Great clip, Brian.