Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New Mentions Online

In the past few days, Mom's Cancer got a few new cites I wanted to mention and thank their authors for:

Comics writer Brian K. Vaughan named the book one of his Top Five new comics for the week on his message board, saying he thought it was "pretty great." It's also pretty great to get a nod from Mr. Vaughan.

Graphic artist Bill Dawson mentioned Mom's Cancer on his blog "Woof!" "So much in this book rings true in a way only someone who has experienced this would know," he wrote. "This is a beautiful little book. Go buy it." Thanks, Bill.

Cartoonist Bill LaRocque wrote a lovely little entry on Mom's Cancer in his blog, "Am I There Yet?" My path has not yet crossed "Boomer Bill's" but I hope we get a chance to meet someday.

Last but far from least, Lance Eaton wrote a full-on review of Mom's Cancer for the site Bookloons, an impressive online resource of more than 6,000 book reviews. Lance called the story "touching and endearing," and wrote, "the book can prove therapeutic on many levels for people who have had to deal with cancer, either directly or indirectly." He also had some interesting thoughts on the symbolism of the pawn-and-die image we used for the endpapers. Good catch.

I truly appreciate them all, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to these reviews for us to see. I have yet to see a bad review, highly suspicious, don't you think??? (Just kidding~ really)

I know there aren't any bad review!

Today your book is #33,243 on Barnes & Noble ranking of book sales. You might think NO BIG DEAL. But, I just went & Googled, "average number of books published annually". Here's what I found out: Total number of books published in US in 2004, all publishers = 195,000. In perspective your ranking is GREAT! You're in the top 17%(...if my math is right... if my math is wrong at least it sounds good)!!!
Nurse Sis

BrianFies said...

Sis, Thanks for checking in. I've seen some reviews or blog comments that I might wish had been worded a little differently, but none that flat-out said my story stinks. I'm a little surprised by that; I knew "Mom's Cancer" wouldn't connect with everyone and expected somebody to rip into it. When they do, I'll be sure to post about it.

Thanks for telling me about the Barnes & Noble ranking. That's actually a pretty big jump from where it was a week or two ago. (And in your calculation don't forget I'm not just ranked against all the books published in one year, but everything in print.) I've been as high as #7500 or so on Amazon, but I don't watch those numbers too closely. It would drive me crazy, and I don't think they mean a lot. An amazingly tiny number of sales can make a huge difference in ranking. "Oh, it's up 10,000...I guess somebody bought a book."

I saw editor Charlie yesterday and he said everyone at Abrams is very happy with our sales. That's the only metric that means anything to me. When I earn back Abrams' investment, and maybe a couple of bucks for myself, I've done my job.

Dave Grant said...


Just wanted to send you kudos from Survivors for Lung Cancer Awareness. There are several reviews posted at

Thank you, again, for your kind, and accurate, presentation of what it is like to live with Lung Cancer.

Dave Grant
Co-founder, VP of Support and Advocacy
Survivors for Lung Cancer Awareness