Monday, March 06, 2006

More NYC

Editor Charlie just mailed me a CD of photos from our big New York book launch. Charlie and the Abrams photographer both caught a lot I missed. With his permission, I thought I'd post some of them:

The Society of Illustrators, perfect site for the Abrams party kicking off their publishing season.

The first floor of the SOI set up before the party began.

The same room in mid-celebration. We later adjourned to the third floor, which had about the same dimensions, a bar, and even more amazing art on the walls.

Signing at St. Mark's Comics.

The Comic-Con panel on "The Future of the Graphic Novel." Left to right are R. Kikuo Johnson, me, Grady Klein, Jessica Abel, and moderator Douglas Wolk.


Kid Sis said...

Cool. By the way, you can always post any photos of me. Um, preferably ones without the familial double chin.

BrianFies said...

Well, in that case...that's Kid Sis wearing the white coat in the St. Mark's picture. And, what the heck, that's my wife standing beside me. But we DID have some real customers, too. I swear I'm not related to the guy in the hat.