Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Review: Innocent Bystander

Gary Sassaman is an experienced and respected comic book pro to whom Abrams sent an advance copy of Mom's Cancer, which he was kind enough to review today on his blog "Innocent Bystander." An excerpt:
"[The story is] told simply, but incredibly eloquently, and Fies is as gifted a writer as he is a cartoonist. His web version of Mom's Cancer won the first ever Eisner Award for digital comics last year. But like everything else, it means so much more in book form, having it to read and hold, away from the harsh, bright light of a computer screen. The book gives it permanence and meaning and is a fit tribute to a courageous woman and her family. Lord knows I wouldn't have been so dignified in such a battle. And Mom's Cancer is nothing if not a dignified, sincere account of a horrible time in the life of a family."

Gary (whom I've never met) says more nice things that I appreciate very much. It means a lot coming from someone with his experience and knowledge of the medium. Many thanks to Mr. Sassaman.

By the way, when the bad reviews come in I promise to share them as well. They're part of the experience, too, which is what this blog is meant to be about. But right now everything's looking pretty good.


Lynne said...

You are going to handle the good, the bad and the ugly. Your book is outstanding. I can't imagine bad reviews, but I suppose someone might find something they don't like. It's the nature of the world.

The family story is one which will be heard. It means alot to me that you wrote it,and I know many others will be touched by the printed version.

My thoughts, prayers and well wishes go with you to NYC, and expect only wonderful thing with the debut of the real-for-sure* book.

(what the toys called the humans in the Raggedy Ann and Andy book series by Johnny Gruelle)

Thanks for keeping us updated.

BrianFies said...

Thanks, Lynne. I'm looking forward to New York. And, assuming the book gains enough notice to be reviewed in the first place, I expect some to be less than enthusiastic. The story's not everyone's cup o' tea nor is it critic-proof. So far so good, though.

Hanna Cooper said...


I feel behind the times just finding your site now, but I can't wait to read your book in print.

I'm sure you've heard plenty of personal stories, but my Mom had lung cancer too, and died in July 2003.

What a gift you've given to others by sharing your story.


BrianFies said...

Hanna, thanks for finding my site and writing. I'm very sorry about your mother. I really do hope my family's experience turns out to be good for something. That would have meant a lot to Mom.